Preschool web design & marketing

Escoleta Campanar Preschool

Preschool web design, new content flow and structure and integration and design of 4 independent microsites within the web. Design of all the graphic assets and online promo ads. Corporate stationery design including rework of their style guidelines based on their original logo. Photography art direction for the sliders and design of the social media promo pictures.

web design for early childhood education
web design for preschool

It’s been fantastic to work with Silvia and Uli from Brandgestic. We brought up our situation and needs and they came up with a fabulous plan targeting the many aspects we discused. They really grasped the values we wanted to portray and suggested an intense plan of action which has given outsanding results and strong impact in a real short period of time, which is astonishing! Thanks very much Silvia and Uli for your hard work and commitment.

Cristina García  | CEO Centro Educación Infantil Campanar